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    Monday, January 29, 2007

    for a guy whoz supposed to 'rest and rehab' my injured spine..
    i sure did lotsa activities the past weekend!
    went out till late night on friday night...
    got home knowing that ive gotta wake up at 6am the next day for basketball wif pals ..sooo..
    decided not to sleep!
    then played basketball till midday ! burning my skin in the process..
    i mean argh!! its baking out there at 11!! i swear!! u'd get a fried egg by breaking it on the court surface!!!
    ah wells....
    got home.. layed still on the bed the whole day after a shower...
    got back up for some dote..
    slept and woke up late the next day only to head to the club for some 'light shootout' on the courts.....
    THEN joined another group of friends for bball later that evening!!1
    but well.. t'was a bad few games... this time...

    my body was at its limits woo . can hardly move right hahaha...
    its like u mentally wanna be there but nono says the body...
    well we went close to winning both times! 1 point difference to be exact!
    with me carrying much of the scoring and Geek maintaining the defence all on his own! (nobody else played suffficient defence, me included haha)...
    overall.. we.. jsut didnt had.. sufficient support from the rest of the team...
    *we went against my bro's highschool coach and his pals, so when we lost twice he .. did seem a lil dissapointed his big bro's team didnt beat his coach's, also partly mebbe coz he hates the coach for not letting him play for the school, mebbe he supports his big bro!! V(^_^)V*

    WilZC at 11:33 AM


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