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    Thursday, January 18, 2007

    what a great night!!!
    was pouring wet here buttt..... t'was satisfying indeed....
    mum's friends from perth came by.. and we went out for dinner with some more friends!!
    theres this 1 cool uncle.. whoz a tourguide based in europe....
    and and with little sweettalking, i convinced him to bring us all to his home...
    TO TRY SOME FOIE GRAS!!! (pronunced fwah grah)
    that, and some fine selection of spanish medium, and french medium bodied wine...
    reaalllly.. theres a lot of diference between the exclusive foie gras of france and the normal chicken/duck liver pate u get in your nearest supermarket.....
    the aroma.. is thicker, with some scent of wine.. and the paste texture is rather more coarse..
    spread lightly on toaasted bread , with some more wine, and woooo simple yet delightful
    now i wonder... if theres a way to use foie gras... in main dishes (rather then just spreading it with bread, toast or caviar)

    now now, a little fact about pate de foie gras. french pate are normally poultry liver made into paste, used for spreads and desserts. the more exclusive foie gras, (the highest quality, and most expensive pate) available only in certain EU countries, is made from the fatty liver of... force fed goose. thus, its rather... inhumane... thus its production is banned in most developed countries becoz of those animal rights dudes.....
    hmmmmm.... yummmmm!!!

    and tada!! one of the 2 MUST TRY european delicacy on my list has been... unchecked!!!
    which leaves...... truffles.... italian... truffles...... the white ones!!!
    and whaadaya know!! this same uncle has tried it!!!
    according to him, to actually have this delicacy, uve gotta pre-book a place in the restaurant like a month beforehand!!! and its fucking expensive!!!! saaay 800euros?
    and for what? for a plate of steamed pasta, lightly buttered, gravy-less... topped with thin shavings of the truffle.....

    WilZC at 10:36 PM


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