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    Wednesday, January 24, 2007

    well.. heres a tale of another rather dissapointing football outing!!!
    me n pals went to teh shah alam stadium to watch the AFC match between Malaysian and Singapore!! heh...

    first off, PARKING!!
    holy cow? its soo fucking packed theres double parking and triple parking..
    hell i was tailing this one car on a narrow road (narrowed by the double overlapping parking)
    and suddenly the car stopped, its lights went off, and ppl start coming out from it...
    and im like WTF??? its the middle of a road goddammit?!?!? so i somehow managed to squeze back out of that road and got myself my very own safe... sensible yet illegal parking spot..

    next, the crowd!!
    wow.. 50thousand strong? i would believe so.
    its good to see ppl are still passionate about our country (at least the bunch of my pals are, we so called went for malaysia, not for the football).
    aaaand, with 50thousand rowdy malaysian fans, singapore got yet aanother taste of 'malaysian hos(tility)pitality' hahaha what rude bunch of malaysians ..

    and now the game!
    My most previous football game was Man U vs Arsenal, and from that to this?
    my god, tis be a sad excuse of a football game! quote feisal 'macam high school football sial'
    well. game ended with a 1-1 score....
    malaysia scored from a left winger, a fluke of a goal! he totally fucked up his delivery on a cross that the ball just swerved in! AND HE ALMOST DID AND ENCORE!!! but this other time he didnt fuck up as much so the ball didnt curve wrongly enough to get some goal net.
    as for singapore's set piece goal.. well... they were awarded a free kick from a fair distance outside the right of the malaysian box. while preparing for the set piece, i noted at malaysia's poor defensive marking, theres 3 lingering s'pore players inside the left half of the box marked (or rather he was the nearest player) by a rather lost player (the malaysian goal scorer). Then i thought to myself 'aiyah no big deal la, with this level of quality, would the free kick taker even notice the free men, and even so, would his delivery be good enuff tto actually reach them?' . At the same time, feisal said to me, 'oi tengok, the leftback hilang, takder orang mark the left side'
    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnndd BOOM!!!! GOAL!!!!! an open .. UNCONTESTED header for singpore!!!
    and the 50thousand strong crowd went silent...
    and so in my humble opinion, spite malaysia playing a fraction better then spore, a draw was just. because both side played lacklustre footie...

    Its interesting enough to note that singapore's players go down to the grass WAAAAAAAAAAAY to easily... as in waaaay to easily...
    i mean like.... most of them are spore PR's from another country! theyre bigger then us malaysians!! and much stronger i bet!!! but a slight nudge and off he goes to the grass....
    and along comes their team physio and her crew to tend to the players..
    AND MY WORD SHES HOT!!!! or at least she looks hot .. in sweatpants running barefooted all over the pitch... like 150feet away from me... (i got a good eye for women's looks mind u)
    and the singapore players look like their enjoying every bit of that attention , and their slowjog beside her to the sidelines...
    in fact, a player got red carded because he feigned such a severe injury till the ref had to stop the game, only for him to coyly jog with the physio off field and rejoin the game almost immediately without treatment. hilarious... and he got a rather fair amount of hospitality from us fans...

    Heading back to our cars we crossed a field where theres lotsa banners of the malaysian FC, the spore FC and the Asian Footie Confeddie. Then i realise some are missing?!?! there are dudes plucking these banners off the ground and taking them home!!!
    then theres this old dude witha goatee shouting nearby saying, probably to his son, this:
    'OI yang kuning tuh, yea tuh nampak cantik skit, ambik yg tuh'
    sigh.. malaysians..... and i thought singaporeans were kiasu...
    well so i looked at my friends, then pointed at the nearest streetlight and said 'OI aku nak tiang lampu tuh, tolong cabutkan, dan dan, eh pokok nih cantik jugak, cabut jugak lah, bawak balik tanam' hahahaha welcome to malaysia...
    and im not gonna elaborate on the hell it took me n my car to get outta the stadium grounds..

    sidenote : dammit, the lampost is tooo long and cumbersome! ive no idea where in my house can i put it! mebbe i'll call MBSA up and get them to use this tiang lampu to replace the broken unit in front of my neighbours house..

    WilZC at 11:02 AM


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