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    Monday, January 29, 2007

    the most hilarious 'fitness' equipment ever!!!

    Quote from ShadowFox:
    'I've been seeing this advertisement on Singapore TV for far too many times. It was so amusing and suggestive even the senior citizens can't stand it.One just have to really question the health benefits of such a product, assuming one looks at it from exercising point of view.My opinion is that this product has absolutely no value in getting a healthy work out.I personally think it's an overpriced female clitoral masturbation machine, disguised as an exercising device.This probably explains the suggestive ads. Since it's illegal to sell dildos and sybian masturbators on TV, the smart folks in Osim had to come out with something palatable enough and yet still deliver it's primary purpose, a female clitoral massage/masturbator device.'

    And now my 2 cents:
    well, with the hilarious adverts and the bad-rep its been getting, indeed this machine is rather controversial.. i mean, as per what shadow said, it goddam looks like a sybian!!
    and it almost functions like one too!!! a perfect gift for my girlfriend for valentines!!
    now.. where do i get a girlfriend!!?!?!?!
    that aside, i would consider myself above average in the fitness know-how world...
    and this thingo actually kinda works like an excercise ball!
    if used properly, as in if both legs arent supporting the body on the I-G, with the machine gyrating in such fashion, staying on it while maintaining an upright position would require some decent core strength. Thus staying on the machine, doing absolutely nothing but sitting on it whilte its moving ACTUALLY does help workout and improve CORE MUSCLE STRENGTH!
    meaning? if i were to strap u on this thingo 30mins a day for a month, u'd actually start developing stronger muscles in the mid region, as in the abs, the obliques at the flanks/sides, and ur back. Maybe i need this machine as well, since for sum1 who looks like me :P (koff koff)
    ive got weaker then average core muscles, mine's all exterior, and none interior.
    Whats more? im sure with all that... movement it is possible that a female 'rider' would get ... eroused.. and that would lead to... more ..... sexual activity? and sex is a great cardio workout!!! so with this machine u work those muscles and then burn some fat during sex!!
    bingo!, kudos to OSIM!!

    now... about the marketing though.... actually, i think the asian market isnt open enuff for this...

    WilZC at 12:08 PM


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