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    Sunday, April 30, 2006

    Soo bored, nothing to write on...
    so i'll just like.... interpret my old writings from last year.

    I now find myself,
    In alien lands,
    Far south of mine birthsoil.
    Walking, aimlessly,
    Avoiding Father Time.

    The fire god stayeth up longer,
    Torching the lands beneath his wings.
    The darkness ever colder,
    As the pale star wanes aboveth mine head

    Chilly winds pierceth me to my bones,
    Though tis be bearable still.
    Echoes that bounceth off the walls
    Of my own melody, pierces mine soul,
    Through and through.
    As my sight bleedeth from these soul-wounds.

    And even as i bleed, in my cell,
    Shrouded by the darkness,
    My mind reacheth out, into the emptyness,
    Returning portaits to me,
    Of soil, trunk, roots and branches.
    O how I yearn to seek those once more.

    Help aplenty I have received.
    for rekindled once more has the fire in me
    the fire that was smothered, when life was lay.
    the fire of faith, of the goddess of wood
    whom I believe will care for my distant roots.

    i think they're pretty much self explanatory....

    WilZC at 7:27 AM


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