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    Sunday, April 16, 2006

    Easter break!!!
    boring shit....... and im like down wit sum weird arse skin disease!!!
    itchylaa!! esp at the feets!! omgomg it looks like mosquito bites, but there
    ain no mozzies in my room!!!!!!
    BARGH!!!!! itchy!!!!!
    anywayz cant wait for the mornington trip....
    basically, easter for me means.. gaming, gaming and more gaming!!!
    anything out of that norm is a welcome addition.... and i havent been adding much!!
    well i can!! but choose not to :D

    looking back at the year (my quarter-year evaluation), this year has been kinda
    promising... coz.... as i have found out.... 'fun' doesnt really come looking for
    you in this country.... one has to go out and look for it.... unlike in malaysia.
    in malaysia fun comes looking for u :P u just have to embrace!!!! hahahah.
    so yeah ive been rather active socially this year. Maybe coz like im living right smack in the middle of city.... unlike last years shithole. and things finally feel like they're piecing up right... so im just gonna sit back and carefully observe where all the pieces are falling. One has to be quite cautious on newfound

    ppfft.. im actually chatting wif a few.... and cant really concentrate!!
    i'll write up more after the trip

    WilZC at 6:57 AM


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