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    Friday, April 07, 2006

    ah its been soo long!! :P getting lazy already :P
    anywayz.. yeah lets.. erm blog? (im getting gay)
    today has been a tiring day. ffs ive got lab exams in the morning.
    then rushed home todo part of an assignment, then rushed to marketing tute,
    then rushed back home to do the rest of the assignment, couldnt finish it n passed it up, then went to RAIS to help up coz i gave them my word that i'll help.
    argh!!1 and ive got an exams tomorrow!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    sienla, tired..... head getting heavy....
    i did meet a whole lot of new ppl today tho, RAIS dudes, and mostly dudettes.
    Cant remember half their names, in fact, can only remember 3.....
    went with them to chill at Melb Uni's Annual Night Market. Chill here is used literally.... COZ ITS FARKING COLD!!!!! and im wearing what?? a Tee and a jacket over it. The jacket i wear to sunway college..........
    what a sor chai....

    anywayz.. lets summarize the week!!!!
    this week, planned to watch V for Vandetta on tuesday!! its student price!!!
    so i called Sze Rene out coz she said she wanna watch it too and i kinda told her
    we could go watch it 2geder. She said ok! so wtvr....
    then come tuesday, i called her at lunch to confirm, she confirmed it. So i... was
    u know.. generally.. looking forward to do something thats out of the norm (norm would be going home and live my cyber life). Tina was supposed to come along as well. THEN!!! Rene called, she said she forgot she had exams the next day so she cant make it. So finela!! abit dissapointed but well i'll still watch it wif tina.
    While waiting for tina, i decided to like try my luck and like hook up wif another person or 2 to come watch wif us!!! got rejected by 4 girls and ignored by 1 guy...... pffft.. spirit pretty low. 15mins before screening time, tina came back. I decided to call the movie off!!! bleh....
    HOWEVER!!! tina did came back wif a some big funny news!!!
    There was a letter for me, from Starshots!! this photography/photoshoot company recently (like 2 weeks ago) had this promotion where ppl can sign up and try their luck to get some free photoshoot and take glam pics of them selves, by professionals. and i won the free session1! V(G_G)V
    funny sh1t i tell ya......
    and im most prolly not gonna go for that shoot.
    bleh.. im not camwhorinsh enough....

    WilZC at 8:03 AM


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