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    Sunday, April 30, 2006

    Soo bored, nothing to write on...
    so i'll just like.... interpret my old writings from last year.

    I now find myself,
    In alien lands,
    Far south of mine birthsoil.
    Walking, aimlessly,
    Avoiding Father Time.

    The fire god stayeth up longer,
    Torching the lands beneath his wings.
    The darkness ever colder,
    As the pale star wanes aboveth mine head

    Chilly winds pierceth me to my bones,
    Though tis be bearable still.
    Echoes that bounceth off the walls
    Of my own melody, pierces mine soul,
    Through and through.
    As my sight bleedeth from these soul-wounds.

    And even as i bleed, in my cell,
    Shrouded by the darkness,
    My mind reacheth out, into the emptyness,
    Returning portaits to me,
    Of soil, trunk, roots and branches.
    O how I yearn to seek those once more.

    Help aplenty I have received.
    for rekindled once more has the fire in me
    the fire that was smothered, when life was lay.
    the fire of faith, of the goddess of wood
    whom I believe will care for my distant roots.

    i think they're pretty much self explanatory....

    WilZC at 7:27 AM


    Sunday, April 23, 2006

    Aight here are some vids n pics of the trip
    Fristly, the image quality suckass, my handphones cam aint gold, so they look like painted pictures
    Secondly, Vids will come in later, uploading.

    Descending Arthur's Seat (Naf n Aliaa at the forefront)

    Descending Arthur's Seat 2 (Naf n Aliaa at the forefront)

    Lake Ashcombe

    Ashcombe's Scenic Views

    WilZC at 4:44 AM


    Thursday, April 20, 2006

    aight... post-mornington bloggie!!!
    started out reaaal bad, couldnt sleep at night.....
    woke up pretty early, and really bugged... but still looking forward for the trip..
    grabbed some bfast, dragged tina up and headed to the meeting point. At the place, i was just, well minding my own biz, half asleep and.. on the lookout for...
    someone :D and.. of course.. other potentials.....
    SADLY!!!! someone couldnt make the trip!!! and there were no potential others!!
    omg what a sad n disapointing trip!!!
    went on the bus, 1hour journey, bosanyer!! played that 10 mp3's in my hp over n over again n syok sendiri.... Then i started getting hyper!! couldnt stay wif tina coz im like getting hyper and
    shes just all gloomy and cloudy so i went in front, mixed around abit and met some few interesting ppl (but not potentials la).

    First stop, T'Gallant Vineyards and winery. Tasted quite a few samples of some fine wine. Good start i guess, spite the fact everybody's drinkin on an empty tummy and the muslims just watched :S

    Next stop!! Arthur's Seat. Basically its a hilltop summit called arthurs seat and theres a .... erm.. dunno how 2 explain, some kinda cable car-like chair lift from the bottom to the summit, and it was breathtaking... albeit slow. wanted to sit wif sum other girls but.. then kesian my roomie so i sat wif tina :S
    kesian dier..... bad day for her.

    Third stop!! beach!! and LUNCH!! well lunch sucked real bad. Jay said the fish n chips here were kinda good but.. UNFORTUNATELY it tasted like crap. then me and naf n her pals went around walking by the beach and the pier. ambik gambar banyak banyak.

    after lunch, headed to Ashcombe maze. Cool place with 3 garden mazes to explore. had quite some fun in the maze, then we roamed around the park and took pictures.. and pictures and pictures...... mann naf and her pals really can take/pose for pics.
    its like soo natural!! they view life tru a frame!! and picture themselves in it all the time!!! anywayz, the rest of the park was just a dissapointment. according to the map, there was a huge lake called Lake Ashcombe and it turned out to be a pathetic pond -_- AND the lillypond turned out to be a puddle with some lillies. The windmill is like some big stand fan and the waterfalls got no water falling from them!!! well but the hanging outs and stuff was fun la....
    then we like just went home n stuff, stopped by another beach but everybody was piss tired.... n couldnt be bothered to even camwhore (add the fact that most ppl prolly used up all their memory or battery).

    reaching back to melb city, went out wif naf n aliaa (teh viennese chicks) to Max Brenner for some choc, talk and stuffie. overall, i think the trip was not thaaat bad. tho i must admit.. Naf n Aliaa saved the day :S without them i'd be lost... and just plain bored coz... i dunno.. i have SOME difficulties hanging around wif the more... chinese oriented crowd.....

    WilZC at 8:42 AM


    Sunday, April 16, 2006

    Easter break!!!
    boring shit....... and im like down wit sum weird arse skin disease!!!
    itchylaa!! esp at the feets!! omgomg it looks like mosquito bites, but there
    ain no mozzies in my room!!!!!!
    BARGH!!!!! itchy!!!!!
    anywayz cant wait for the mornington trip....
    basically, easter for me means.. gaming, gaming and more gaming!!!
    anything out of that norm is a welcome addition.... and i havent been adding much!!
    well i can!! but choose not to :D

    looking back at the year (my quarter-year evaluation), this year has been kinda
    promising... coz.... as i have found out.... 'fun' doesnt really come looking for
    you in this country.... one has to go out and look for it.... unlike in malaysia.
    in malaysia fun comes looking for u :P u just have to embrace!!!! hahahah.
    so yeah ive been rather active socially this year. Maybe coz like im living right smack in the middle of city.... unlike last years shithole. and things finally feel like they're piecing up right... so im just gonna sit back and carefully observe where all the pieces are falling. One has to be quite cautious on newfound

    ppfft.. im actually chatting wif a few.... and cant really concentrate!!
    i'll write up more after the trip

    WilZC at 6:57 AM


    Friday, April 07, 2006

    ah its been soo long!! :P getting lazy already :P
    anywayz.. yeah lets.. erm blog? (im getting gay)
    today has been a tiring day. ffs ive got lab exams in the morning.
    then rushed home todo part of an assignment, then rushed to marketing tute,
    then rushed back home to do the rest of the assignment, couldnt finish it n passed it up, then went to RAIS to help up coz i gave them my word that i'll help.
    argh!!1 and ive got an exams tomorrow!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    sienla, tired..... head getting heavy....
    i did meet a whole lot of new ppl today tho, RAIS dudes, and mostly dudettes.
    Cant remember half their names, in fact, can only remember 3.....
    went with them to chill at Melb Uni's Annual Night Market. Chill here is used literally.... COZ ITS FARKING COLD!!!!! and im wearing what?? a Tee and a jacket over it. The jacket i wear to sunway college..........
    what a sor chai....

    anywayz.. lets summarize the week!!!!
    this week, planned to watch V for Vandetta on tuesday!! its student price!!!
    so i called Sze Rene out coz she said she wanna watch it too and i kinda told her
    we could go watch it 2geder. She said ok! so wtvr....
    then come tuesday, i called her at lunch to confirm, she confirmed it. So i... was
    u know.. generally.. looking forward to do something thats out of the norm (norm would be going home and live my cyber life). Tina was supposed to come along as well. THEN!!! Rene called, she said she forgot she had exams the next day so she cant make it. So finela!! abit dissapointed but well i'll still watch it wif tina.
    While waiting for tina, i decided to like try my luck and like hook up wif another person or 2 to come watch wif us!!! got rejected by 4 girls and ignored by 1 guy...... pffft.. spirit pretty low. 15mins before screening time, tina came back. I decided to call the movie off!!! bleh....
    HOWEVER!!! tina did came back wif a some big funny news!!!
    There was a letter for me, from Starshots!! this photography/photoshoot company recently (like 2 weeks ago) had this promotion where ppl can sign up and try their luck to get some free photoshoot and take glam pics of them selves, by professionals. and i won the free session1! V(G_G)V
    funny sh1t i tell ya......
    and im most prolly not gonna go for that shoot.
    bleh.. im not camwhorinsh enough....

    WilZC at 8:03 AM


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