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    Wednesday, March 08, 2006

    aihz.. my second post.. technically my third... and already so lazy.. why did i ever start a blog again?? o right!! coz i got bored.......anywayz.. ive a feeling.. that.. the time i'll take to post a new entry would increase exponentially...from once per day... to once in two days.. then its gonnna be some weekly thing.. then maybe once in a month??? and soon..once in a decade or so.... but anywayz this one's gonna be bout MELBOURNE!!! the city where dreams are made and crushed. Ive alwayz dreamed of living and/or walking along the streets of New York City. That day hasnt arrived but Melb is a close as it gets....its kinda like a mini NYC. Has that same cold, steely demeanor about it. Cold it is, in every possible way, chilly winds included. People here give u cold stares, or they turn their heads away from you coldly. Their smiles (the ones u get from cashiers) arefeigned, forced and probably routine. survival of the fittest happens everywhere. You are successfull?? u get 'friends' yeah and prolly have a good time.And if ure not? ure an outcast, and melbournians can almost smell such loosers and its all just downhill from there, till the city eats you alive, or u move out, or you end up in a mental assylum. As for me, im kinda in between. I see myself as the.. watcher.. the observer... and i just.... observe....I both love and hate walking around the streets of the city. It is lovely, especially when the weather is great, yet somehow, no matter how great the weather,something alwayz hits you right in your face and you dont have any idea what it is. Its like this constant reality check alwayz on me. I dunno, maybe its just coz i think alot, especially when im walking. Sometimes i think soo much i walk right across a busy street not noticing the DO NOT CROSS light still on.Im still alive thankfully. And this, this thing thats hitting me, it somehow drains the confidence outta me. No longer am i that beacon of confidence andmale ego (i'll regain thoose things once i breathe Malaysian air) , but just the quiet observer.
    Another thing that just ticks me off bout Melbourne is the harsh stereotyping. One glance at you, and they think they know all about you. And when u seem to understandenglish, they get shell-shocked... Like duuuude???? well, half the time i cant blame these ppl coz, like..... there are tons of ppl out there who accurately fits their respective stereotyped categories. Like the tons and tons of ... oooppsss... i cannot and will not descriminate.... so.. yeah tons and tons ofwell, erm lala people or the really hardcore china dudes. THEY are confortable with living in seclusion, speaking their own language and and huddling amongsttheir own kind. Their mastery of the english language is.. basic... at best, and therefore sarcasm, humour, and other 'read between the lines' stuff dont work on them.As for The REST of the people, they are aware of their habits and generally avoid communication, because any futher communication besides hie! bye!! would result in confusion, rephrases, misunderstandings and a blur looking chinese face. And me?? im victimized by this system. Do i look like them?? (i hope not)Do i speak like them? (i dont think so) Do i act like them? (nope). HELL I DONT EVEN SPEAK THEIR LANGUAGE!!! cept for HAM KAH CHAN!! OR TIU NIA MA!!!OR CHAU HAI!!! but it doesnt matter. Im dragged into d same category as those dudes. And so every new person i meet, i have to work real hard to change their pre-set views of myself, and it gets tiring after awhile...... AAAAANDDD owh!! theres also another group of dudes!! The asians who have embraced the way of thekwai lou!!! they generally behave like the kwai lous and mix freely around with them (though generally tend to ALSO stick amongst themselves) and they alsoshun their the stereotyped chinese counterparts. And by saying they generally behave like the kwai lou's they also dress like one. Like its easy to tell ifa dude or dudette you see on the street is kwai-loued or not. Very distictive fashion............. the collared shirts on men, the jeans on girls, the metrosexual look on their face and all.....hmm.... know what?? ive just noticed.. i ... myself... in this entry, stereotyped quite alot of sh!t..... but.. who cares...... wtvr... So i guess theres an easy way out to all this!!!! EXTREME MAKEOVER!!! of my wardrobe. Tommorrow, i'll be in a pink collared shirt, jeans, those really ugly slender walking shoes, some really thick black wristwatch, an armband, sunnies and a metro look on my face!!!aaannd the clayed up hairstyle!!!. So yep...see youz....

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