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    Saturday, March 18, 2006

    Awhile ago, i transferred my elective to this course/subject, The Entrepreneurial Process. Seems kinda interesting and with the classes being held inthe business campus at burke street, im also kinda hoping there would be more chicks in it (note my classes rarely have females). Being a science student all mylife, its also actually abit daunting, but nonetheless, i tried for it. First class was dissapointing. True enough, the entrepreneurial lecturer talked boutthe business stuff thats all tooo vague to me. Furthermore, erm not only were there no chicks at all, but half the class were mid-aged men and women already a part of the business world, some dressed up formally with suits and ties while 20 year old me (geez im 20 already?) was all casual in a tee, jeans and slippers.Business classes lean alot towards team-group stuff and well i just felt lost and misplaced but persevered till the end of the 3 hour thing. Second thoughts boutthe course already popping up in my head. After talking bout it with some few close friends (they all think its best i changed electives) i still couldnt make upmy mind! dammit!!! Somehow, i think if i were to pucker up and do my best in the course i just might benefit from it. Then came the last day in which RMIT studentsare permitted to change course/subjects. at 4:45, im still in class, thinking. By 4:55, i find myself huffing and puffing to my course coordinators office. He wasjust about to leave. He probably is the only professor who remembers me :P maybe coz ive been causing too much headaches with the transfers. Told him i wanna change the recently changed elective. Into .... Marketing Principles (on advice of dear mr Yap Ken Han). Prof looked at me and asked 'are you sure you want to do this??'i said 'yep, definitely', and told him my reasons and my experience in the entrepreneurial class. He said 'u know, marketing's prolly gonna be somewhat similiar'and so we went throught the course guide, and i noted that theres more studying and reading and exams then the entrepreneurial one which is more project based. Just before he signed the transfer form, he asked again 'you sure??, its the last day today, u wont be able to change out of it, in fact, its the last miniute, u caught me onmy way out, and the main student Hub is closing soon'. I replied 'well... lets just say this would be my last roll of the dice............' Prof Mckay smiled, 'indeed' he said, as he signed the form............................

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