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    Tuesday, March 28, 2006

    urgh.... is blogspot really a good blogging place???
    coz like why la oder ppl punya blog so nice wan, summor got picture la got
    song la, mai wan only got word. not chio la. Can sum1 teach me how to make chio blog so dat chio boo's come see me!!!
    lol, pardon my engrand, but seriously...........

    WilZC at 4:34 AM


    Ah..... connected to the world wide web, finally, after sooo long....... tooo long!! i miss it!!! *downloads porn and kisses the screen*havent blogged in awhile, missed out soo much coz of lack of internet connection.... and also fulfilling the exponential blogging entry formula ive previously mentioned, the time gap between my entries would increase as the days go by. Also!! the length of the entries would decrease exponentially as i go on.!!!
    Lets see, i'll just summarize briefly on what happened during the blackout.Nothing :P. Well ok. something!! lotsa things. First of all, i would like to say that Marketing Principles did not dissapoint!! :Dlarge large number of students, over 750 if im not mistaken. and *ahem* its just the break i needed from my core classes :D. Lets see what other things happened??Went to clayton, visited pei lin, joined her tutes and lectures etc etc. Kinda cool tho her course. Went to this MSA bbq thing (free free free food food).food wasnt too good, had to be halal so there was only sausages and honeyed chicken :S Met some cool new ppl tho. The MSA president, who seems kinda friendlyand not too bad looking herself *coughs loudly, clearing throat*. This MSA committee member, from fashion school that i bump into quite alot, since we share the sameclassroom in her fashion dept. (no idea why Material and Thermal Physics classes are held in a school of fashion classroom). Theres also this 2 malay girls...WHO HAPPEN TO BE MY FLOORMATES!!!!!! omgomgomgomg what coincidence!!! anywayz, yeah, would like to know them better, but how?? :Othey mentioned things bout karipap and all!! also wondering if i could borrow their vaccuum cleaner, as ours .. erm.. our vaccuum is another casualty of my procrastination. What else??? too much to tell, sunburned weekend at the beach, blabla bla bla bla bla... and lets see, what have i done TODAY???DOTA DOTA DOTA DOTA DOTA!!!! omfg... im such a slacker!!! i swear, after this entry is posted, i'll sit back relax and finish off my lab report before i sleep.perhaps.. after one last game of dota??? no!! NO!!NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    WilZC at 4:32 AM


    Saturday, March 18, 2006

    Awhile ago, i transferred my elective to this course/subject, The Entrepreneurial Process. Seems kinda interesting and with the classes being held inthe business campus at burke street, im also kinda hoping there would be more chicks in it (note my classes rarely have females). Being a science student all mylife, its also actually abit daunting, but nonetheless, i tried for it. First class was dissapointing. True enough, the entrepreneurial lecturer talked boutthe business stuff thats all tooo vague to me. Furthermore, erm not only were there no chicks at all, but half the class were mid-aged men and women already a part of the business world, some dressed up formally with suits and ties while 20 year old me (geez im 20 already?) was all casual in a tee, jeans and slippers.Business classes lean alot towards team-group stuff and well i just felt lost and misplaced but persevered till the end of the 3 hour thing. Second thoughts boutthe course already popping up in my head. After talking bout it with some few close friends (they all think its best i changed electives) i still couldnt make upmy mind! dammit!!! Somehow, i think if i were to pucker up and do my best in the course i just might benefit from it. Then came the last day in which RMIT studentsare permitted to change course/subjects. at 4:45, im still in class, thinking. By 4:55, i find myself huffing and puffing to my course coordinators office. He wasjust about to leave. He probably is the only professor who remembers me :P maybe coz ive been causing too much headaches with the transfers. Told him i wanna change the recently changed elective. Into .... Marketing Principles (on advice of dear mr Yap Ken Han). Prof looked at me and asked 'are you sure you want to do this??'i said 'yep, definitely', and told him my reasons and my experience in the entrepreneurial class. He said 'u know, marketing's prolly gonna be somewhat similiar'and so we went throught the course guide, and i noted that theres more studying and reading and exams then the entrepreneurial one which is more project based. Just before he signed the transfer form, he asked again 'you sure??, its the last day today, u wont be able to change out of it, in fact, its the last miniute, u caught me onmy way out, and the main student Hub is closing soon'. I replied 'well... lets just say this would be my last roll of the dice............' Prof Mckay smiled, 'indeed' he said, as he signed the form............................

    WilZC at 6:25 PM


    Wednesday, March 08, 2006

    aihz.. my second post.. technically my third... and already so lazy.. why did i ever start a blog again?? o right!! coz i got bored.......anywayz.. ive a feeling.. that.. the time i'll take to post a new entry would increase exponentially...from once per day... to once in two days.. then its gonnna be some weekly thing.. then maybe once in a month??? and soon..once in a decade or so.... but anywayz this one's gonna be bout MELBOURNE!!! the city where dreams are made and crushed. Ive alwayz dreamed of living and/or walking along the streets of New York City. That day hasnt arrived but Melb is a close as it gets....its kinda like a mini NYC. Has that same cold, steely demeanor about it. Cold it is, in every possible way, chilly winds included. People here give u cold stares, or they turn their heads away from you coldly. Their smiles (the ones u get from cashiers) arefeigned, forced and probably routine. survival of the fittest happens everywhere. You are successfull?? u get 'friends' yeah and prolly have a good time.And if ure not? ure an outcast, and melbournians can almost smell such loosers and its all just downhill from there, till the city eats you alive, or u move out, or you end up in a mental assylum. As for me, im kinda in between. I see myself as the.. watcher.. the observer... and i just.... observe....I both love and hate walking around the streets of the city. It is lovely, especially when the weather is great, yet somehow, no matter how great the weather,something alwayz hits you right in your face and you dont have any idea what it is. Its like this constant reality check alwayz on me. I dunno, maybe its just coz i think alot, especially when im walking. Sometimes i think soo much i walk right across a busy street not noticing the DO NOT CROSS light still on.Im still alive thankfully. And this, this thing thats hitting me, it somehow drains the confidence outta me. No longer am i that beacon of confidence andmale ego (i'll regain thoose things once i breathe Malaysian air) , but just the quiet observer.
    Another thing that just ticks me off bout Melbourne is the harsh stereotyping. One glance at you, and they think they know all about you. And when u seem to understandenglish, they get shell-shocked... Like duuuude???? well, half the time i cant blame these ppl coz, like..... there are tons of ppl out there who accurately fits their respective stereotyped categories. Like the tons and tons of ... oooppsss... i cannot and will not descriminate.... so.. yeah tons and tons ofwell, erm lala people or the really hardcore china dudes. THEY are confortable with living in seclusion, speaking their own language and and huddling amongsttheir own kind. Their mastery of the english language is.. basic... at best, and therefore sarcasm, humour, and other 'read between the lines' stuff dont work on them.As for The REST of the people, they are aware of their habits and generally avoid communication, because any futher communication besides hie! bye!! would result in confusion, rephrases, misunderstandings and a blur looking chinese face. And me?? im victimized by this system. Do i look like them?? (i hope not)Do i speak like them? (i dont think so) Do i act like them? (nope). HELL I DONT EVEN SPEAK THEIR LANGUAGE!!! cept for HAM KAH CHAN!! OR TIU NIA MA!!!OR CHAU HAI!!! but it doesnt matter. Im dragged into d same category as those dudes. And so every new person i meet, i have to work real hard to change their pre-set views of myself, and it gets tiring after awhile...... AAAAANDDD owh!! theres also another group of dudes!! The asians who have embraced the way of thekwai lou!!! they generally behave like the kwai lous and mix freely around with them (though generally tend to ALSO stick amongst themselves) and they alsoshun their the stereotyped chinese counterparts. And by saying they generally behave like the kwai lou's they also dress like one. Like its easy to tell ifa dude or dudette you see on the street is kwai-loued or not. Very distictive fashion............. the collared shirts on men, the jeans on girls, the metrosexual look on their face and all.....hmm.... know what?? ive just noticed.. i ... myself... in this entry, stereotyped quite alot of sh!t..... but.. who cares...... wtvr... So i guess theres an easy way out to all this!!!! EXTREME MAKEOVER!!! of my wardrobe. Tommorrow, i'll be in a pink collared shirt, jeans, those really ugly slender walking shoes, some really thick black wristwatch, an armband, sunnies and a metro look on my face!!!aaannd the clayed up hairstyle!!!. So yep...see youz....

    WilZC at 6:04 AM


    Tuesday, March 07, 2006

    Yesss.. my first attempt.. or rather.. venture.. no.. theres a nice word for it, well.. wtvr, my first timeexpressing thoughts in written words and making them public (in short, blogging).Topic for todays post would be, yeah, bout me talking to myself too much. ive just noticed this growing new trait. Well almost 90% of the stuff ima write is based on the things ive said to myslef during the course of the day....Perhaps its a side effect of being alone in a cold metropolitian city like Melbourne. No i dont talk like aloud!its more of an internal monologue or sumtin. First noticed it while playing basketball, but its a thinking sport, so it isnt too bad see.. coz like it just talk to myself bout what i did, what i coulda do, what i didnt do, and about that hot chick that just walked pass the court, and her nice behind, and how that made me loose a possesion etc etc.Then after basketball i headed home but detoured for dinner. Talked to myself all the way to Chilli's Cafe. Lets see if i can remember what i said to myself... nope cant rememeber, was just random stuff. Prolly just lamenting the fact that imwalking alone and having dinner alone, or that its farking cold and the wind is blowing and im in shorts and a very wellventilated balling jersey. OR the fact that im struggling to walk up the slightly inclined Russell's Street (Tashna complains bout that too)*sigh* how unfit i am!! blame dota. More internal monologues when i got home. Took a shower, talked to myself!! (prolly bout how nice my body looks like but ANYWAYZ!!) Then i started unpacking my bags. Yes! one week after i moved into my new placeim starting to unpack, my room was in a hellish mess! clothes everywhere, luggages in the middle of the room etc. started talking to myself again. Bout which kinda clothes and where do i put them. Like for example "hmm...these are all the pants and jeans that i have, the ones i wont be using too muchwil be placed at the bottom of the stack!! these are my regular clothes pile!! these are the pile of clothes i'll NEVER WEAR!This pile of clothes are the ones that make me look gay.. and the one beside them are the clothes i'll only wear at home ...aaaaand this is the wool blanket my mum stole from china airlines". Then i looked into the mirror and... "hmmm arent these the pair of shorts that has like a huge hole at the bottom??" so i stripped them off and dumped it in the pile of clothes that make me look gay. Well with my sleeping position,my legs point towards the room door. If Christina would to so happen open the door in the morning with me in that pair of short... she would be in for a HUGE surprise... note the word HUGE here is rather to describe the scale of the surprise, not the measurement of the object that would have caused the surprise..or .... WHATEVER!!!! (and yess, i told myself the exact same line) So my room now is, cleared, no longer in a hellish mess.. its actually in a rather...orderly mess... and i lay down on my bed, and i reflected..... and it came to mind that... for every second i spend alone, i talk to myself....oooo mannn.. is this normal?? or am i screwed.....

    WilZC at 6:37 AM


    I now find myself,
    In alien lands,
    Far south of mine birthsoil.
    Walking, aimlessly,
    Avoiding Father Time.

    The fire God stayeth up longer,
    Torching the lands beneath his wings.
    The darkness ever colder,
    As the pale star wane aboveth mine head

    Chilly winds pierceth me to my bones,
    Though tis bearable still.
    Echoes that bounceth off the walls
    Of my own melody, pierces the soul,
    Through and through.
    Thus my sight bleedeth from these wounds.

    And even as i bled, in my cell,
    Shrouded by the darkness,
    My mind reacheth out, into the emptiness,
    Returning portaits, to me,
    Of soil, trunk, roots and branches.
    O how I yearn to seek those once more.

    Help aplenty I have received.
    for rekindled once more has the fire in me
    the fire that was smothered, when life was lay.
    the fire of faith, of the goddess of wood
    whom I believe will care for my distant roots.

    WilZC at 6:14 AM


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